Unique Fund Raising Idea

Before we get started on how this fund raising idea will work for you, we at School Fund Raising Products, Inc. would like to thank you for considering our Spirit Yard Signs for your fund raising project.

As you all know, fund raising is a necessity to all levels of organizations. It is a valuable resource that means so much to so many. We at School Fund Raising Products, Inc. understand this and feel we can offer you a nice alternative or supplement to your pizza, subs, fruit, candy, and cookie dough sales. Our Spirit Yard Signs are an exceptional fund raising idea that offers a great way to show support for all your groups and organizations.

What makes our fund raising idea unique?

  1. The fund raising idea of Spirit Yard Signs is not focused on one particular grade or program. It can include every student and every program from Kindergarten to High School. It involves athletes, non-athletes, cheerleaders, band members, choral groups, faculty & staff, administrators, residents of the community and area business owners. The key is to get EVERYONE from grades K – 12 involved and to sell at least one sign. Just think how easy it is for each person to sell one sign! If you have 2000 students in your school district, take a look at the “Profit Chart” to see the type of money you can raise with MINIMAL effort!
  2. What makes our fund raising idea unique from others is that our spirit yard signs can be used the entire season and are a nice addition to any lawn. The problem with other types of fundraisers: pizza, fruit or candy sales for example, they are consumed and forgotten in a couple of weeks. Our Spirit Yard Signs are a constant reminder of your program, group, or team.
  3. The use of Spirit Yard Signs also assists in increasing exposure, awareness, and attendance to your various school functions and sporting events. This program is two-fold; it increases your fund raising dollars and offers free advertising on a daily basis. It’s a win-win situation!

By using the Spirit Yard Signs, everyone can play a part in increasing your fund raising dollars. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-562-5940 or contact us via e-mail. We look forward to assisting you.